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|| 27.02.2009

iDesktop.tv Goes To Mini-Seedcamp Paris 09

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"We chose 3rd Eye because they were willing to go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction"

"3rd Eye exceeded our expectations, both with quality and price."

Uday Bhatt
Director of Echopark Consulting Ltd
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Web Design, Docleaf, crisis management, risk audits, emergency planning, brand protection,  media training,  reputational risk
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10 good reasons why you should have a custom corporate screensaver
Custom developed screensavers represent one of the the greatest advertising opportunities in electronic marketing. When done properly, custom screensavers are eye-catching and cost-effective. A well-designed promotional screensaver can provide an immediate direct response, reaching massive audiences with an engaging and memorable story. They build brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. Here are ten good reasons to make one for your business:

1.    Each computer in your office will have the same screensaver on it. When a customer or supplier walks in, he sees your company screensaver and immediately your company image is improved in his mind. He will also be convinced you run a more professional business.

2.    Screensavers are very easy to deploy, so they can be simply integrated onto your business network. They can also be easily distributed to your customers, via download, or CD, which makes it almost effortless to spread your brand image.

3.    For every person who loads your screensaver on their computer, you receive plenty of free advertising. Just think how many people walk into your office or see your computer at home. Your corporate screensaver could be advertising your business to them. Now just imagine how many people you could reach if 100 of your customers had your screensaver on their computer. Your corporate screensaver is your persistent silent salesman.

4.    By giving your customers a free screensaver CD with their purchase, you are adding an extra benefit to their purchase. The perceived value of the CD is much higher than it's actual cost. This increases customer loyalty.

5.    The more people that have your screensaver on their computer, the better. The amazing thing is that because screensavers are functional, and aesthetically pleasing, people actually want to put your advertising on their computers.

6.    While you are not using the computers in your office they become advertising machines.

7.    You can display up coming events, your company motto or any other important information your staff may need.

8.    With a custom corporate screensaver you can place pictures, words, music or even Flash Animations in your screensaver to inform your visitors about you and your business.

9.    We will discuss all your ideas, and make some suggestions, to formulate the perfect screensaver for your business. This can be a simple slideshow of your companies products or anything from a bouncing logo to an animated FLASH screensaver or a company presentation complete with links to your company website. We can offer just about anything you want, to be assured you have a unique screensaver.

10.    We are constantly designing new screensavers that are original, fun to watch and appeal to a wide audience. The themes for these screensavers are various and the only thing to do is to add your company details to it. Therefore will also offer the option to utilise screensavers that are pre-designed, where the setup costs are considerably less than for a Unique Screensaver.


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