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|| 27.02.2009

iDesktop.tv Goes To Mini-Seedcamp Paris 09

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“My Pappadums are finally online, we can’t believe it. The team at 3rd Eye approached it professionally with a friendly service. We made many suggestions and they listened to all of them. They came up with good solutions and setup business processes that prepared us for an online venture. We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable team to lead us in the future. Our business has been given a new lease of life on the internet. Also we cannot believe it, we have a PR 4 already, and its only been 2 weeks, 3rdeye have not only given me a perfect ecommerce solution but a very well optimised website. The proof is in the pudding!”
Nilesh Patel
Director of Shakti Pappadum
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Logo, Branding, Risk Free UK, Risk Free Consulting, mortgage processing system, mortgage packaging system
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Home Office Furniture Directory

Flash Tools - FlashJester

mababy baby furniture

Desktop Toys Development

Create a viral marketing campaign by releasing a desktop toy and spread your brand’s message. Yes - you've seen them running around your screen, our talented designers and programmers will work with you to create your own unique custom toy to share with the world.

Benefits of a Custom Desktop Toy

  • A fun and unique way to expose your brand
  • Viral, Viral, Viral
  • Virus and spam free - Digitally Signed
  • Sticky and Addictive when done right
  • Easy way of communicing with your customers directly from their desktop
  • Small in size - easy to distribute
  • Unlimited Licenses and distribution
  • 100% support from Start to Finish
  • Cost Effective - Please fill in the form below to get your FREE quote

Examples of Custom Desktop Toys

Mudbubble Desktop Pet

Web: http://www.mudbubble.com/
Mail: inquiry@mudbubble.com

This is a one-of-a-kind software program that installs on your PC. When launched, your desktop will become the playground for the Mudbubble dog character. You'll be able to interact with him by selecting various animations and how he moves around your display. Download it now and have hours of fun.

Click Here to download

Desktop Baby

Web: http://www.glass-page.com

Here's the baby to bring home.... to your computer. Watch this baby crawl around the windows and taskbar of your desktop, while you work.

Click Here to download

Desktop Fish - Bubbaloo

Web: http://www.mudbubble.com
Mail: marketing@flashjester.com  

This is cool Desktop Fish called Bubbaloo.
Bubbaloo is a fun and friendly fish that swims around your desktop.

Click Here to download

Peteco Desktop Toy

Web: http://www.peteco.com/
Mail: peteco@peteco.com

Peteco knows just what you need -- a cute little toy for your desktop entertainment. He laughs, dances, sleeps and writes while moving around the screen. Try dragging him and see him react. Drag him on Window and see him move along it.

Click Here to download

3D Rolling Dice

Web: http://www.jugglor.com
Mail: support@flashjester.com

Ready for a roll of the dice? Throw these dice and see them roll around the screen and eventually come to a random number. Maybe your lucky one?! The dice use the power of Actionscript and Jugglor v2 engine.

Click Here to download


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